A Short Stay In Barcelona

It was kind of a spur of the moment trip…
I was contemplating going to New York first but decided to fly straight to Spain and either way, I had to come over to Europe anyway because of my best friends wedding that’s happening in Croatia in September.

I was only in Barcelona for a short time but met a few people while I was there. Usually, I like to stay in a country for a few months at least and learn about where the locals go, what they do and make friends but on this trip, it was too short.

The Flight 
So I booked a flight with Norwegian airlines, it was my first time flying with them and I had a pretty good experience, the flight was cheaper than any other platforms such as Expedia and Skyscanner etc. I just went directly to the Norwegian airline’s website and booked from there. I got a one way ticket for $540 USD with extra baggage and it included 2 meals. The plane had nice big sized windows, with a dimming feature to block out the light and the best thing of all, you can actually order all food and drinks and pay for it from your TV screen on the seat in front of you, then the air hosties will bring it to you! So good, everything is done from the TV screen, even controlling your seat light and air con. The bathrooms were a decent size and everything was touch-free. The planes are pretty new and overall I enjoyed my 8-hour flight with them 🙂

Getting out of the airport and to the city or downtown.
There are a few options including taxi and uber, but the best and cheapest option is by AeroBus the cost is €5.90 and it has aircon and free wifi which is perfect to get back online after a long flight AeroBus took me straight to the city then I walked to the place I was staying, I could’ve caught a taxi or uber if I wanted, but I enjoyed the walk & probably lost 5kgs from sweating in the heat though…

Dinner first night 
The first night I was there I was pretty tired after the fight but I went for dinner and a few beers at a place called “The Fish & Chip Shop”, the food was amazing, I rarely eat fish but I enjoyed the fish and chips and the emamunde was sooo good. I asked the waiter why the emamunde was better than other places, he said they deep-fry it with salt and pour truffle oil over it… Secret recipe right there!
The cost wasn’t too bad, for a big plate of fish and chips with 2 beers and a side of emamunde it was 15.50euros and they gave me a free shot of something called ‘Lavonita’ before I left too (not exactly sure what it was but it tasted good and I got home safe with my kidneys still intact).

The Beach
I think the highlight of my trip was the beach, it was soo good to go swimming in the ocean it was refreshing and very clear and I could feel the little pebbles on the ocean floor. The beach was absolutely packed with people had a chat to a few people while swimming and kinda wish I had a paddle board, oh and the topless women omg, they were everywhere haha, I had to stay swimming for a while to cool off… People served beer and other drinks on the beach if I wanted it, but I got out and went to a little bar that was on the beach, had some olives and sangria while overlooking the beach, it was a perfect afternoon for it. I loved it!


While walking around I went into a grocery store and I happen to come across probably the cheapest beers ever, it was 0.64cents for 6 beers… So so cheap, it was a special, but still, ridiculously cheap.


Lastly, before I left I went to see the Sagrada Familia which was really cool, it took me a few goes in learning how to say it but I got there in the end. It was really impressive. I’ll put some photos up, there’s also videos on my insta.


The last few hours in Barcelona I was sitting at a cafe and eating and these 2 local spanish girls asked me if I was enjoying my stay and wanted to know if I wanted to be shown around or any tips about the city. I was like I wish I met you 3 days ago… I would’ve liked to be shown around, so they said next time to let them know when I’m in town and they will show me where the locals go to eat, drink and what they do for fun.


I had a good short stay in Barcelona and look forward to going back and spending more time there next time.

Travellers tip: I bought a SIM card from Vodafone for €20 it gave me 3.5gigs and a huge amount of calls and texts, PLUS I can use it in most countries in Europe for no extra roaming costs or anything. Stocked!

If you have any comments feel free to write them below and also add me on insta @wakeupwithjamie to see what I get up to and my stories as I go through Europe 😉

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve,


3 thoughts on “A Short Stay In Barcelona

  1. Nice one! My favourite part was when you went swimming in the ocean since seeing how hot it was there! Cheers to LIVIN’! ☺


    • Hey Summer!! Yes I know the feeling! I could spend a good few months there. As for the accomodation, I stayed at an Airbnb in a private room and the last night was in a hostel. The hostel was much better as it had aircon. So next time I’ll have to read the airbnb listing properly and make sure it includes aircon 😛


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