My Below Deck Down Under SECRET is out!!! Find out where to watch it, what position I am on the show and a few other hints as to whats coming over the next few months!

listen to this Episode 31.
In this podcast episode, I talk about how excited I am to share the secret about me being on Below Deck Down Under!!

Find out some inside information and what the plans are for the next few months.
I’ll be bringing on a co-host Culver who is also on Below Deck Down Under as well and we are going to burn it up as we talk about what happened in the episodes after they air!

Watch Below Deck Down Under (BDDU) starting on the 17th March 2022:
To watch in the U.S go here Peacock TV
To watch in Australia go here  Hayuau
To watch in the U.K & Europe go here Hayuuk
To watch in Canada go here Hayucanada

Connect with Jamie:
Follow me on IG: @wakeupwithjamie

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Jamie x

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