2022 A Positive Year To Come! I Talk About Overcoming “On-Purpose” Distractions, Setting Goals, Getting Out There And Doing Something New This Year

Listen To Episode 30 here.
Wow I’ve reached 30 episodes of my podcast! I started this as a hobby and it keeps growing which I’m happy about. I have people from 68 countries listening in to my podcast now, I think that’s really cool! If you’re one of those listeners, I want to say thank you and I am grateful for you.

Here are some things that helped me, maybe they could help you too.
begin the study habit again. And you can use them too!
In this episode, I talk about how I struggled to get back into studying again after not doing it for so long. I found my self getting distracted and purposely procrastinating to avoid doing the task at hand. A few things I started to do was schedule when I needed to study & colour code it.
I would plan what I was going to focus on a day before, then I’d sit down and literally put my phone on “Do not disturb” and get into it.
I also set my timer on my watch for 20 min blocks and after the alarm goes off, I stop and chill for 5 mins – that’s my reward. I feel like the the key is to do something every single day even if its for 15 mins or an hours, just do it every day and all of a sudden you will want to keep it up.


Also, I mention getting your goals done! Whether it’s big or small, it’s something you can achieve with the right steps set out.

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Other than that, I talk about how my helicopter training is going and how long until I complete it. There will also be a bunch of new guests on my podcast soon, so be ready for them.

Listen To Episode 30 here.

Books I’ve read this year so far:

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