Ep. 29 of my Podcast – How do you get a job on a yacht? – I wrote an eBook on exactly how to get into the yachting Industry.

Listen to this Episode 29 here.
A little episode about the eBook I recently wrote, took me a while but I’m happy with it.
The name of the eBook is “How to Get A Job On A Superyacht”.

The reason I wrote it is because I ma always getting asked about how to work on a super yacht so I wrote about the exact steps that are needed to achieve a dream job of working on a yacht getting paid, traveling the world, and having so much fun in between!

You can get this book here

Other than that, I talk about how my helicopter training is going and how long until I complete it. There will also be a bunch of new guests on my podcast soon, so be ready for them.

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