Next Up Jack Nunn on the podcast. He Has Competed in 16 Iron Man Races All Over The World & One Ultra-Ironman, Has a Rowing Fitness Club & Looks Up To His Hero An Olympic Champion (dad

_Jamie and Jack Ep 25

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Jack Nunn is the son of an Olympic Rower John Nunn. He has competed in many sports throughout his life including Rowing. Jack lives in Long Beach CA and runs his rowing fitness center there.

During this episode, Jack talks about, health & fitness, and what has kept him going through all of these years of being an athlete. We talk about all the Iron Man races he has competed in and also the Ultra- Ironman race. Jack loves his dad (John Nunn)has had a massive impact on his life through sport and in life in general.

Books that we spoke about:
Boys in a Boat

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