Ep. 19 of My Podcast – The 2 First Countries I Travelled To, The Top 5 Countries That Listen To My Podcast, A Free T-Shirt Competition, What Book I’m Currently Reading & a Couple of Fun Stories.


It’s just me chatting this week yay …😁

During this episode, I speak about, the top 5 countries that listen to my Podcast the most and top 5 cities too.
I tell a couple little stories as well and about the book I’m currently reading.

I have a competition running for anyone that wants to leave a review please do here, and I will pick out the best review and send you a FREE Wake Up With Jamie Podcast T-Shirt!
I will also give you a shout out on the next episode. Get into it 🙂

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My email is: wakeupwithjamie1@gmail.com

The current book I’m reading – Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss – Click here to get it

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