Podcast Ep. 15 – An Inspiring Catch Up With An Amazing Woman Bugsy Drake From Below Deck, South African Born, Entrepreneur With So Much To Offer The World!

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You can listen to Episode 15 here  

I was so happy to have Bugsy on my podcast as a guest.
She is so bubbly and outgoing but not only that she is a smart woman that has so much going for her. She is building businesses, inspiring people and making shit happen!:)

During this episode, we speak about, leaving your homeland, yachting, Below Deck (TV show), businesses, goals and what it takes to make it! Bugsy is an inspiration to me and I think she will be to you too.

You can listen to Episode 15 here

Follow her on Instagram here @bugsydrake
Stay tuned on her Instagram as she will have a lot more things happening soon.

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