I started a Podcast! It’s called “Wake Up With Jamie” – Tune in, links below.

So I started a podcast about a year ago while working hectic hours on a yacht. I wanted to start a little hobbie on the side, so after work, I’d go to the gym, eat, then shower. Then Id grab my laptop and microphone and find a quite place to do the next episode for the podcast. Over time I began asking people to be on my podcast as guests.

So here is Episode 14 as it’s fresh in my mind to write about here and it has Johnny FD as my guest, he inspired me to start not only this blog but my podcast as well.

You can listen to this episode here  

Ep. 14 – I’m excited! My guest this week is Johnny FD from the Travel Like A Boss Podcast. Johnny has been one of my Mentors for about 5 years now. I’ve learned a ton listening to his Podcast. We talk about being a Digital Nomad, different ways of traveling.

I was so excited to have Johnny FD on my podcast.
Johnny is currently in Sri Lanka in Quarantine and recently had his first day of freedom.

I was listing to his Podcast ‘Travel Like A Boss’ for about 5 years, he motivated me to take action on so many things including online business and to travel, I was encouraged to leave Australia and move to Colombia and leverage the dollar and experience new countries and cultures. Since leaving home I’ve been travelling for the last 3 years. I was motivated to do my Podcast, Johnny has made a big impact on my life and I am so grateful to have him on my Podcast!

We speak about a range of different topics including being a Digital Nomad, Russia, Ukraine, different ways of travelling, online businesses, different countries & cultures, taking action, speaking different languages goals and COVID19.

You can follow Johnny FD on these channels below:
Instagram @johnnyfdk/
Podcast Travel Like A Boss
Blog www.johnnyfd.com


If you don’t have me on Insta, you can follow me here @wakeupwithjamie 

Also if you haven’t already, feel free to click here & give the podcast 5 stars on iTunes and subscribe pretty please.



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