The best international Sim card I’ve used while travelling!

I’ve travelled to a fair few countries and many of them non-English speaking countries and I love it. All the challenges of trying to find my way around, food, SIM cards, accommodation, transport, activities, making friends etc, helps me grow as a person, it’s about seeing these as a positive thing even though it can get frustrating sometimes. It’s all worth it!

One thing that I always did was as soon as I landed or sailed into a country, I’d research on google and find out what the best SIM card/ data plan was and then find the nearest store and go by a SIM card. This was a bit of a struggle in non-English speaking countries and especially landing early in the morning or late at night and to find the airport doesn’t have wi-fi.

I got caught out in Mexico once, I flew in from South America and didn’t have Mexican pesos on me. I needed to do a bank transfer within my banking app so I could use the atm and withdrawal some money. Buuuuttt the airports wifi was not working… and it was 11pm at night. dun dun dun..

I was stuck, didn’t know how I was going to get to the place I was staying. So I ended up asking a few airport workers if I could use their hotspot on their phone, a lot said no, but one Mexican guy said ok. So I was able to do the transfer and get some cash out and get to where I was staying that night. Luckily for that good guy.

So now because I travel to many countries I began researching a way to use only one SIM card with data.

And I found the best SIM card hack ever!

A Google Fi SIM card.
There are 2 options for the Google Fi Sim Card to choose from.
Option #1. You basically pay for what you use at $10 per gig, and if you reach 6GB it’s capped so then you won’t pay any extra and you have up to 15GB to use per month.
For example: One month you might only use 3GB of data so you will pay $20 (calls/text min spend)+$30 (data $10 per gig) total of $50 for that month. The next month you might use more data or less data, so you pay for what you use. But capped at 6GB you won’t pay for anymore data when you reach 6GB.

Option #2. You go on a the prepaid Unlimited option, which means you have unlimited data and calls and text internationally for only $70 per month. you won’t pay any extra for anything. You’re capped at $70. This makes sense for people who travel to different countries a lot (like me)
Here’s a list of all the benefits for the Google Fi SIM card in point form below.

• it is 1 SIM card

• It works on your iPhone as well as google pixels

• they sent it to my address for free in the US

• I had the option to keep my number or have one of theirs

• The Minimum you’ll pay is $20 USD per/mth (on the month to month plan)

• The Maximum you’ll pay per month is $80 USD per/mth (on the month to month plan)

• Includes unlimited calls and texts

• Includes up 15GB data (that’s if you spend $80 for that month)

• This SIM card works in over 200 countries at 4G! (My favourite part)

• The billing just comes off your debit or credit card at the end of each month.

• You can pause your SIM card usage anytime and cancel it too with no fees. Because you are NOT on a contract. Which is awesome!

• The Maximum you’ll pay per month is $70 (on the unlimited plan)

• I’ve never used more than 7GB per month and I use my phone a lot in multiple countries.

Here’s the link to get your Google Fi SIM card and don’t forget when you join Google Fi, they will give you $20 off your first bill!

Hope that solves a few issues with changing sims and hassle for you.

Also, if you haven’t already checked out my podcast, please feel free to click here and have a listen. It’s about people’s life stories and a little bit of me chatting a way about experiences too.

Take it easy and chat soon,



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