Reflecting on 2018 & Moving Forward With My Goals For 2019

Happy 2019 everyone!!

I wrote half of this blog right before New Year’s Eve, while travelling to the Bahamas on a Super yacht and preparing for a charter over the Christmas and new year period to end the year with a bang.


Cruising through the beautiful waters of the Bahamas 

And the second half of this blog I am writing while literally in the air travelling to Colombia again.

In the Air

Coming into Colombia

2018 involved a lot of travelling around to many countries and it was mostly great! I have visited a few new beautiful countries and met so many amazing people, eaten different foods & had a great time while doing it.
Which if you’re following me on insta you’d see in my stories 😛

I have achieved a few goals, learned a lot about myself and the world. I love travelling!

In total I travelled to 9 Countries and 17 cities in 2018. Which I think is a big achievement for me, I seriously didn’t think that would be happening in 2018.

People ask me all of the time how can I afford to travel so much, and I say it’s actually cheaper to travel than what it is to live in my home country! That goes for most people I know. It’s not as expensive or as hard as you may think to travel a lot.

So let’s get into the places I went to, oh and although my favourite country is still Colombia, Poland was amazing!

The countries I went to in 2018 were:

Poland Kraków, opened my eyes to a different world, from the good food (and vodka), the scenic mountains & country side to the beautiful people <3. And it was very cheap, I could live there very easily for about $1200 per month including all expenses! When I get a chance I might just do that 😉

Goals for 2019 – I wrote down a few new year resolutions and steps to achieve them. I do this every year and I put them somewhere I can see every day, and as I go through the year achieving them I tick them off the list.

So I am going to list 3 of my 7 goals/resolutions below, have a look and tell me what you think!

#1: Read 10 books this year, so I bought a kindle from Amazon to save luggage space (so I’m not carrying chunky books around the world) and I will dedicate at least 15 mins per day to reading.

#2: Build 2 profitable shopify stores. This will take some time, but once again prioritising time each day to working on it, will start to show more and more progress.

#3: Continue training for skeleton (a crazy sport I do, where I sprint 30m down an icy track and launch myself on to a sled head first and get up to speeds of over 100km/h –  60mp/h)… This includes weight training and track/sprint training and eating healthy foods.

So what’s your goals for 2019? Feel free to share 1 or 2 of them in the comments below!

Happy New Year to all of you, let’s make this the best year yet!

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve


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