On the Seas and Well on the Way To Panama – Day #2

It’s 3:18am and I am at sea somewhere in Colombian waters, it’s pitch black outside, no moon or stars as it’s overcast, the only thing I can see is the beautiful glowing bioluminescence as the boat glides through the water. It’s like glitter sparkling.

I tried to take a photo of the bioluminescence but the iphone camera didn’t cut it…

The current depth is about: 2100 meters, quite deep!


So far all checks during watch have been all good tonight, I did see a few fishing boats out there, they tend to shine a bright green laser light at you to let you know they’re there. These fishing boats are quite small and are called pangas, they are a bit bigger than you average dingy, these guys go fishing throughout the night and sell their fish at the local markets during the mornings.

The Second half of the day was pretttyy rough Seas. The swell was somewhere around 1.8m, the boat was swaying and jumping, all crew felt pretty rough, but we kind of expected it.

Right now it’s a bit calmer so we can cook some food in the galley without it ending up on the floor or the roof. I made a veggie soup with mushrooms, asparagus, onion potato’s and spicy chilli.

I’ll be finished watch in a couple of hours and then shower and back to sleep for me.

hasta mañana, ✌🏼


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