Travelling from Ecuador to Panama by Boat – Day #1

After spending about 10 days in Manta Ecuador, it was time to finish up and head back to Panama City by boat.

Over the next 3 days I will write a short blog each day explaining what I did and how each day went while on the water travelling back on the boat.

We left Manta about an hour ago and the ocean doesn’t seem to rough at this stage, which is good. Butttt the word on the street is it going to be rough ride on the last 2 days…

So since it is pretty calm, we decided to throw a line out and see if we can catch a marlin or maybe a mermaid 😉

The depth of the ocean is about 60 – 70metres right now and the weather is overcast as you can see in the picture.

During the trip all crew have watch duties. This is where all crew have rotational watch shifts twice a day. At the moment I am on watch, meaning I will make sure the boat is running well, checking engines, oil/water temps, ensuring we’re maintaining course on auto pilot, looking out for any oncoming boats, checking any changes in weather/sea conditions etc.

My watch times for this 3 day trip is from 12:00pm to 4:00pm and then again at Midnight to 4:00am 😬  yes I will be a bit tired but it gives me time to write these little blogs and I’ll get back into a normal sleeping pattern when I get back home to Panama.

I’m off to sleep as I’m back on watch at midnight. zzz

Hasta mañana,


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