Travel Tip #1: The Best Travel Checked Bag To Buy

As I travel throughout the world I get to see and do so many things, plus meet a bunch of new people that will stay in my life for a very long time, it’s awesome! But I occasionally come across obstacles and then need to find ways to get over them some way some how…

So I thought I should share some of my hints and tips for anyone that wants to travel, is already travelling or wishes they could travel but think they can’t because of low funds in their bank account or don’t have enough time.

So on that note once a month I will write a blog series on “Travel Tips” and what I found useful or needed or made my travels easier or more comfortable, fun, how I save money to put towards my trips, easy ways to step outside your comfort zones and meet new people etc, you get the idea 🙂

This blog is about the travel suitcase I bought and will recommend it.

Here I was, waiting to collect my suitcase from the bag carousel after a long flight from Florida to Bareclona, when it finally came out I noticed some parts of the bag was ripped… You actually could see some of my items in my bag, I was hoping that nothing had fallen out. So I caught myself trying to figure out what to do about the ripped sections on my bag, ended up buying a cheap sewing kit in Krakow and sewing up the bag. It was a dodgy job haha.. but it worked and prevented things falling out of my bag for the next few flights.

When I got back to the US I need to buy a new suit case but I wanted a solid one like the one I had but a little better in quality, and I didn’t want spend a ton of cash on it but I wanted quality.

After searching for days online I came across the UnderArmour travel checked suitcase, the pictures weren’t the best but I asked a few other buyers what they thought and how many Kgs/pounds it would take which I found out was 22Kgs/48.5 pounds, which is a good weight for checked baggage around the world, it also looked solid and had more pockets than my previous one, it also had a solid piece so it wouldn’t fall over when packed to the brim! So it turned out to be the bag I wanted.

I needed it in a hurry as I was about to leave for another trip overseas to Panama so fortunately Amazon got it too me quickly without any issues.

I’m stocked with it, it looks awesome, really good quality and solid wheels, and waterproof zips, also stands up right with out falling over AND even has a built-in/removable laundry bag!

I now travel with 3 UnderArmour bags, a backpack/laptop bag, a carry on sports bag and now my new suitcase.

If you need another good quality solid travel suitcase that takes up to 22kg/48.5 pounds then I definitely recommend this one.

Plus being an UnderArmour bag people tend to stare at at it as if they wanted one too haha.. 😉

Anyway that’s my travel suitcase tip for the week.

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve!


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