Selling All Of My Stuff & Moving Overseas

Over time we accumulate a lot of stuff, and most of it is unnecessary, but we feel we “need” it at the time. When we probably could’ve gone without it and saved some money instead, but we somehow talked ourselves into buying it. We tend to justify why we need to buy this, how we’ll find the money & how happy it’ll make us when we have it. Sound familiar? It’s ok we’ve all done it/do it…

So selling my stuff was a mission…
I basically took photos of everything I wanted to sell and listed it on gumtree and eBay. My selling price was soo much cheaper than what I bought the stuff for because I didn’t have enough time to sit there and wait for buyers. I needed my stuff gone asap and I need the cash to buy plane tickets etc. This worked, a lot of my stuff was sold the same day and gave me an instant amount of savings which I could use to start planning my trip.

The time came to buy my plane ticket. At the time I was still selling off my stuff, so I didn’t quite I have enough cash at the time to buy a return ticket to the U.S. But I did have enough Virgin Velocity points saved up to buy a 1-way ticket to Los Angeles, I used all of my points, so the amount I had to pay was only $90.76 AUD (You need to start collecting frequent flyer or velocity points if you aren’t already).

Why was I going to move to another country with such little savings etc you ask!? Because I made a decision that I was going to go to Colombia. Once I made a firm decision, nothing was going to stop me, I did everything possible to make it happen.
If I was to sit there thinking… I better wait until I have enough savings in the bank, or pay off debt or enough income per month or some friends to go with me I’d be waiting forever, and this goal would not be achieved.

I knew I wanted to move to Colombia and I visualised it every day for over 2 years, I imaged getting picked up from the airport by a driver, I saw the city, the mountains during the drive, I would breathe the fresh air I even saw my self-drinking a Club Colombia (an awesome Colombian beer) and having a coffee at a cafe, I saw myself working on my laptop from my apartment with a nice view. I visualised this every day.

I wanted it really bad, I wrote down my goals, made my decision and made it happen.
I am now currently in Medellín, Colombia 🙂

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve,








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