How To Visualize To Help Achieve What You Want.

Have you ever tried visualising?

I have been visualising to get what I want since I was about 11 years old.
I was a track athlete and competed in many competitions against other athletes from around the world and still hold a sprint hurdle record to this day. Why do I mention this? Because I used visualisation to help me to win these races & much more in life.

I remember when I was between 13-16 years old, I would spend a lot of time in the shower visualising… (Yes only visualising). My mother would bang on the door and say something like: “hurry up and get out already, what are you bloody doing in there?”

(For those of you who don’t know the word “bloody”, it’s a word Australians use in a conversation like “bloody hell it’s cold” or “that’s bloody ridiculous”)

So I’d then quickly finish off washing myself, dry off & when I opened the bathroom door mums standing there…
She asks me again: “Why were you in the shower for so bloody long?”
Me: “I was visualising”
Mum: “Visualising?? Well do it somewhere else, we all want some bloody hot water”. (Yes, she says “bloody” a lot).
Me: -_-

Anyway, let’s get back to learning how visualised.
Basically, I would think about my goal, in this case, I wanted to win a sprint hurdle race, so I’d close my eyes and literally see myself in the blocks waiting for the gun to go off. I would then move into myself so it feels like I am actually in the blocks, I would make everything around me go into slow-motion, I’d listen to my breathing and even my heart beat.

Then I’d hear SET………. Bang, the gun would go off, I would see myself burst out of the blocks and set my eyes on the first hurdle. I’d approach it and hurdle over it in the most perfect style possible, I would then do the same thing for the next hurdle and the next and all the way until I reached the 10th hurdle, and then I’d see myself sprint to the finish line and win the race. Also, I would imagine myself on the podium with a gold medal around my neck.
I can tell you, I did this over and over until I perfected my race, at least 1 to 2 times a day.
And yes, I did win these races and received the gold medals on the podium just like I visualised.

Here are a few steps to follow when visualising: 
1. Think about something that you really want to achieve.
2. Write it down & put it on a vision board or somewhere you can to see it every day.
3. Go somewhere quiet or where you feel relaxed, like the shower, in bed before you sleep, by the beach, sauna etc.
4. Close your eyes and start thinking about your goal only.
5. Now, see yourself actually achieving your goal, but do it slowly & in small steps from the start to the finish.
6. Do this 1-2 times every day until you have achieved your desired outcome.

The key here is to imagine yourself achieving whatever you want to achieve at the absolute best of your ability. And preferably in slow-motion until you perfect the skill. 

Ok so here’s an easy example:
Let’s say your goal is to make yourself a coffee in the morning (basic I know but easy to understand).
You close your eyes and see yourself walking to the cupboard, getting the coffee mug, placing it on the bench, you get the coffee & open the lid, you smell the amazing coffee aromas inside the jar.
You then turn on the kettle, you go to the drawer & pull out a teaspoon, put a scoop of coffee in the mug, reach for the sugar & put a scoop also into your mug, you can then hear the kettle boiling, as you walk over you see the steam in the air from it, you pick up the kettle and pour the boiling hot steamy water into your mug and once again you can smell the aromas exiting the mug.
You walk to the fridge open the door, get the milk and pour it into the mug, then you stir the coffee and milk & hear the sound of the teaspoon hitting the sides of the mug.
You pick up the mug and put it to your lips, as you do, you feel the warm sensations on your lips as you begin to sip this liquid gold… 

Okay, I know that was a huge example… But that is how in-depth you have to go if you want to visualise properly, you have to go deep like you’re in a trance and like you’re actually there, doing it & feeling it, even though it hasn’t even happened yet.

I hope this was helpful. Now it’s your turn, give it a go, and start reaping the many benefits of visualisation. If you have any stories of your own achievements from visualising, I’d love to hear about them.

Any questions Or suggestions? Hit me up by leaving a comment 🙂

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve,


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