5 Things I Did To Make Extra Money To Move Overseas

In my last blog, I spoke about how I wanted to move to Colombia. At that stage, I had decided that’s what I wanted to do, but really I did not know how I was going to make it happen.

When I got back from my overseas holiday (details in my last blog), I had found out some bad news… I had been made redundant from a high paying job… Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy,
I was earning around $6000 per month and that was all the income I had coming in at the time.

Going from $6000 to $0 was a pretty big shock to me. On top of that, they only paid us out an extra 2 weeks pay, So basically all I had left in savings was $3000 to last me until I found another job or created another income. I was stressing as I had a lot of debt and my living expenses were high as well. I’ve learned when we earn more money we tend to spend more. to live where I was living, feed myself, pay rent, bills, debt etc. That was me at the time. So that 3000 was only going to last me around 3 weeks.

To live where I was living, feed myself, pay rent, bills, debt etc, that $3000 was only going to last me around 3 weeks…

Remember my last blog, how I spoke about creating a list of different ideas to earn money online & offline? By using my brain to think of these ideas I was able to earn another income by taking steps and doing online courses to teach myself. I needed an income I could use online so I could work overseas with my laptop.

During the hour I would each day I spent thinking, I’d literally write down every idea that I came up with. I had a massive list of ideas and I needed to narrow the list down.
To do this I went back through the list and crossed out any ideas that wouldn’t work and I would test the others until I came up with a list that I could use and start to earn money from.
I learned how to create this list of ideas by listing to Lead the Field“>Earl Nightingales – Lead The Field Audio on repeat, I actually still listen to his audios to this day, highly recommended.

So without going into every idea (there were well over 150 ideas) here is a small list that I helped me earn an income pretty much straight away:

– Uber Driver 
(I used my car to earn easy money driving people around)
– Amazon FBA (I scaled advertising to get more sales)
– Freelancing (Online/Upwork & at a company)
– Selling Products on Gumtree (I started bringing in some products from China & sold them locally before Christmas)
– eBay Arbitrage (basically drop-shipping on eBay)

As you can see there are only 3 ideas that allowed me to work online from my laptop, the others I had to physically be there to earn money, but I needed an income & quickly!

I want you to know that at the time with all of these ideas I was not earning anywhere near the $6000 a month mark, I was still way behind & I was stressing… BUT it was a start. These ideas took some time before they began making money and they’re what helped me begin to see that this goal of moving to Colombia was getting closer.

Any questions Or suggestions? Hit me up by leaving a comment 🙂

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve,


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Did To Make Extra Money To Move Overseas

  1. Hey, we recently did a similar things. Everyone always needs money but the catch 22 is they don’t want to give up their lifestyle for it. Did you end up finding some great ideas?


    • Hey there, well done! Yes I understand what you’re saying. I guess they haven’t had a taste of the lifestyle they could have, therefore they don’t bother.
      Yes I used all of the ideas in the blog to help me get here to Colombia 🙂

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