How I Decided To Move To Colombia

So this is my first blog for wake up with Jamie. Being a freelancer I’ve written many blogs for other companies but it feels kind of weird writing my own blog. So here goes…

I’m Jamie & I am from Australia. Back in 2015, I booked a trip to the USA and then needed an ongoing ticket to Fort Lauderdale, as I was going to meet up with one of my best mates Billy.

While booking this ongoing flight, I saw that I could choose the multi-city option, so I had a bit of a play and put in Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale the to Medellín Colombia and back to Fort Lauderdale, the price was so cheap it was like $320USD so I just booked it, then it hit me… I was going to Colombia… Remembering that I had never been there before & couldn’t speak Spanish either, but I thought, what the hell I’ll do it.

I had a great short stay in Medellín and realised how cheap it was to buy food, drinks, accommodation & more. The people were really nice (even though I couldn’t speak Spanish) & overall it was a beautiful city.

When I left Medellín I felt I had unfinished business there, so I decided I would move there for a while…
I thought if I was living there I could save some money, pay off some debt and learn another language while I’m at it!

This was a mission, I had to plan my steps and goals out (one at a time) to get from Australia to Colombia but still, figure out how to earn money online so I didn’t have to work over there for the Colombia Peso. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but I wanted to earn the AUD & USD dollar as it’s worth a lot more in Colombia.

I was already selling products on Amazon and that was going OK but it wasn’t bringing me in enough cash to be able to live on at that stage.

One of the first things I did was write down all of the things I could do to make money. I literally sat down for 1 hour per day for a week and wrote down 15-20 things within that hour that could make me money online and offline (to save up for the plane ticket).

I came up with so many ideas, it was amazing to see how many ideas the brain can create when you really want something.

I will talk about these ideas in my next blog and explain how I carefully selected the best ideas to help me achieve my goal of moving to Colombia.

Any questions? Hit me up by leaving a comment 🙂

Here’s to living the lifestyle we deserve,


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